Python, VBA and other pieces of programming

Code And Programming

I started programming for weird reason. One of my first jobs had a team that grew smaller over time. The people who left were never replaced, and we were expected to do more than ever.

It was time to work smarter, not harder.

The first steps were really basic in automating easy tasks using VBA in office and I was hooked. Being able to simplify and speed things up if I solved how to tackle the issue became a passion.

Multiple jobs later ranging from web programmer, to hybrid roles of buyer/analyst and I found my calling. Data science.

I stumbled on the topic online back in 2017 and I've be teaching myself ever since and it's now my full time job for one of the worlds largest aerospace companies. But there is always more to learn.

The following projects are samples of things I have worked on in my own time over the last few years.

Project Euler With Python

An experiment into solving project Euler problems using Python in Jupyter.

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Python Projects

Various examples of Python based projects I have put together.

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VBA Basics

Some really basic pieces of code and concepts that help get started with VBA in Excel.

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Project Euler With VBA

An experiment into solving project Euler problems using VBA programming in excel.

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